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L’ensemble des protections du FGDR font appel à des mécanismes bancaires et financiers relativement complexes. Ce lexique vous propose la définition de nombreux termes techniques utilisés dans ce site ou dans les documentations du FGDR.



Particular or Complex Situations

Cases where some or all of the processing of private individuals or legal entities must be done separately by the FGDR in a timeframe that exceeds the normal 20-day period due to the special processing needed before any compensation can be paid.

Source: FGDR

Payment institution (PI)

A legal entity, other than a credit institution, that has received authorisation from the Credit Institutions Committee (CECEI) to provide payment services in the normal course of its business.

Source: FBF

PEE - Company Savings Scheme

Type of employee savings scheme in which the sums paid by employees are blocked for at least five years, except in cases of early withdrawal.  Capital increases reserved for employees generally occur through a PEE. The income and capital gains are exempt from income tax but are subject to social security charges.

Source: Banque de France

PEL - Plan d’Épargne Logement home savings plan

Regulated savings i product that allows loans to be issued to finance expenses related to purchasing a primary residence or, under certain conditions, homes which have another purpose. Unlike a home savings account, a PEL has a minimum term of four years and a maximum term of 10 years. After that time, the plan can continue to exist but payments can no longer be made to it. The savings interest rate is set for the entire term of the plan at the rate in effect when the PEL was opened. The money earned on a PEL consists of an interest rate and a government premium. For plans opened after 12 December 2002, the payment of the premium is linked to the loan being granted. The maximum amount of deposits is €61,200.

Source: Banque de France

PEP - Plan d’Épargne Populaire savings plan

Regulated savings i product. Since 2003, it is no longer possible to open a new PEP; however, existing PEPs remain in effect and funds can be deposited into them up to the maximum deposit amount (€92,000). At the end of the plan, the holder may receive a lump-sum payout or a life annuity.

Source: Banque de France

PERCO - Plan d’Épargne Retraite Collectif (Collective Pension Savings Scheme)

Collective savings scheme which allows the employees of a company or group of companies to save, in some cases with help from their employer, by investing in transferable securities. Employees enjoy favourable tax treatment in exchange for their savings being blocked, generally until retirement age. The sums paid are therefore blocked until the employee retires, barring exceptional circumstances explicitly provided by law.

Source: Banque de France

performance Bonds Guarantee 

The compensation mechanism that covers performance bonds given by credit institutions in favour of business professionals. The FGDR takes the place of a failed institution when it is no longer able to honour, vis-à-vis the public, the performance bonds issued by it in favour of business professionals who are required by law to provide a guarantee to their customers. Learn more: “Discover my guarantees”.

Source: FGDR

PERP - Plan d’Epargne Retraite Populaire (Individual Pension Savings Scheme)

Group life insurance policy through which savings are built up over a long period of time, leading to the payment of a life annuity upon retirement. The savings are available at the time of retirement in the form of a lump-sum payout only for the purchase of a primary residence (first-time home ownership). In addition to the life insurance regulations applicable to PERPs, the operation of this scheme is subject to specific provisions. Under certain conditions, a PERP offers an upfront tax advantage (deduction of the payments made).

Source: Banque de France

Personal account

As opposed to a business account.

Persons prosecuted for money laundering or whose assets are frozen

The compensation of deposits of persons prosecuted for reasons relating to money laundering/terrorist financing is suspended until the end of the proceedings against such persons. Compensation i will be paid only if the accused person is not convicted. Compensation i is also suspended in case of an asset freeze or embargo.

Source: FGDR 

Private individual

The individual as opposed to a legal entity. Certain rights are common to both legal entities and private individuals, while others are specific to one category.

Source: Larousse

If a nominee has been appointed and has the power to manage the accounts in place of the customer, the compensation is paid to the nominee. Compensation i is paid to customers who have retained the right to manage their accounts.

Source: FGDR 

Processing of ongoing transactions

Determination of the fate of transactions that were initiated prior to the Aggregation i Date but which are to be settled after that date and must be either added to or removed from the basis of any compensation.

Source: FGDR