The FGDR’s mission

  • The Fonds de Garantie des Dépôts et de Résolution (FGDR) is a financial crisis operator.  
  • An organisation tasked with serving the public interest, the FGDR’s mission is to protect and compensate customers in the event that their bank or financial institution fails. By protecting customers' assets, the FGDR helps to ensure the stability of the French banking system
  • Working alongside the Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority (ACPR i), the Banque de France i and the public authorities, its mission is to intervene in the management of bank crises, upstream, before an institution actually fails or, when necessary, downstream, by compensating the institution’s customers.

The FGDR: protection and confidence of banking and financial sector customers

Public confidence is necessary to ensure the stability of the banking and financial sector. The quality of its services and practices, as well as its soundness, must be the foundation on which this level of confidence is built.

By protecting customers of banks and financial institutions, the FGDR assures the public that, if a bank does fail, the interests of those who trusted it are protected. In doing so, it contributes to the stability of the banking and financial sector.

Since its creation in 1999, the FGDR has intervened four times: 
1999/2000 Crédit Martiniquais/Deposit Guarantee Scheme Preventative intervention 
1999 Mutua Equipement/Performance Bonds Guarantee Takeover and enforcement of customers’ performance bonds
2010/2011 EGP/Investor Compensation Scheme Compensation of customers
2013 Dubus SA/Investor Compensation Scheme Preventative intervention 



The FGDR’s activities

To fulfil its mission, the FGDR must develop specific tools and make them available by working in tandem with participants in the “financial safety net”, member institutions, customers and other European and international guarantee schemes.


Crisis preparedness

A financial crisis operator, the FGDR’s operational priority is to be able to intervene at all times to serve the customers of the financial sector and ensure the stability of the system. It regularly tests its crisis management tools and processes. 



Intervention for the purpose of compensation

A compensation process is initiated when an institution’s failure can no longer be avoided. The FGDR is able to pay compensation for customers’ bank deposits within seven working days. 




Preventative intervention

The aim of a preventative intervention is to resolve an institution’s problems before a failure actually occurs. It maintains service continuity for customers and enables the FGDR to protect significant deposit volumes while reducing the worrisome ripple effects of a failure.


Resolution intervention

Banking resolution entails the intervention by a “resolution” authority in a bank or financial institution that has failed or is likely to fail in order to restructure it or bring about its orderly liquidation and prevent its failure. ​​​​​​


Social and environmental responsibility

The FGDR’s intrinsic mission is to promote sustainability and social responsibility. It works to support the public interest and serve the public and is one of the institutions that forms the “banking and financial safety net”.

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