Discover my guarantees

The FGDR manages three guarantee mechanisms:

  • the deposit guarantee scheme, which protects the deposits and savings of bank customers;
  • the investor compensation scheme, which covers the disappearance of securities (stocks, bonds, units of open-end investment companies (SICAV) or mutual funds (FCP), etc.) of customers of investment services providers;
  • the performance bonds guarantee scheme, which covers performance bonds issued by a bank or financing company to regulated professionals (real estate agents, travel agents, etc.) to ensure the proper completion of their customers' projects.

I have savings and other bank accounts

Deposit guarantee scheme i
The amounts deposited in your current accounts, savings accounts and savings schemes are covered by the deposit guarantee scheme up to €100,000 per customer, per institution.
Regulated savings i accounts (Livret type “A”, “LDDS”, “LEP”) are covered by a guarantee from the French government, also up to €100,000.   


I own securities

Investor compensation scheme: 
All securities and financial instruments (stocks, bonds, units of open-end investment companies (SICAV) or mutual funds (FCP), etc. held directly or through an equity savings scheme (PEA)) are covered by the investor compensation scheme up to €70,000 per customer, per institution.




I am protected by performance bonds

Performance bonds guarantee: 
Your professional service provider (travel agent, real estate developer, etc.) has obtained a regulated performance bond from a bank or financial institution to guarantee the proper completion of your project. The FGDR covers regulated performance bonds and assumes the commitment until the project is completed if the institution that issued the performance bond fails. 

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