FGDR online courses

Created on 09 November 2022

The online courses of the Deposit i Guarantee i and Resolution Fund (FGDR) aim to enlighten you on the mission of the FGDR, its guarantee mechanisms and its intervention methods.

This program is composed of several independent pedagogical modules.

Each module is interactive. You will find questions and answers, mini videos and other documents to download if you wish to deepen your knowledge.

Training with an educational module

Four educational modules are now available:

  • Module n°1-A Know your guarantees;
  • Module n°1-B Neobanks and deposit guarantee;
  • Module n°2 Check the protection of your establishment;
  • Module n°3 Deposit i Guarantee i : Interactive questionnaire compensation calculation method;
  • Module n°4 Your bank, the FGDR and you;

Each module lasts from 5 to 14 minutes.

Watch a tutorial

Before offering these online courses, the FGDR had also developed videos to provide information on its mission, its guarantee mechanisms, and its intervention methods. 

Today, we offer you seven tutorials:

  • What is the FGDR?
  • Is your bank protected by the FGDR?
  • Who are the people covered by the FGDR Deposit i Guarantee i?
  • Who protects my bank deposits?
  • The guarantee for sureties' commitments: how does it work?
  • The Deposit Guarantee compensation procedure.
  • Products covered and not covered by the FGDR.