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L’ensemble des protections du FGDR font appel à des mécanismes bancaires et financiers relativement complexes. Ce lexique vous propose la définition de nombreux termes techniques utilisés dans ce site ou dans les documentations du FGDR.



Cash account

Account associated with a securities account which is used for all cash movements relating to the financial instruments.

Source : FGDR

CEL - Compte d'Epargne Logement home savings plan

Regulated savings i product that allows the holder to obtain a loan, at the end of a minimum savings period, to finance expenses related to purchasing a primary residence or, under certain conditions, homes which have another purpose. The amount of the home savings loan is based on the savings amount and term. The interest rate of the loan is set by the public authorities. The money earned on a CEL consists of an interest rate and a government premium, which is paid only if a loan is granted. The funds deposited into a CEL are available at any time.

Source : Banque de France

central bank money

Central bank money includes money issued by the central bank (fiduciary and scriptural) and the credit balances of second-tier banks held at the central bank. It is the only money accepted by all economic operators. It is different from “commercial bank” money, which is issued by a second-tier bank and circulates only within each bank's system. The bank must be able to convert it at any time into central bank money, which is the only legal tender.

Source : FBF

Central Securities Depository

Central securities depositories are infrastructures that maintain the integrity of the issue of securities by ensuring that securities cannot be accidentally or fraudulently created or cancelled. The central securities depository authorisation is granted by the AMF on the advice of the Banque de France i and other European authorities depending on the type of activity involved.

Source : AMF and Banque de France 


Asset provided as security by a debtor to a lender when taking out a loan. If the debtor defaults, the lender has the right to keep the assets provided as collateral as compensation for the financial loss sustained by it.


Source: La Finance Pour Tous 


Indemnification paid to a person for the prejudice (damage) they have sustained.


Source : Banque de France

Compensation ceiling

Maximum compensation amount that may be received.

Source : FGDR

Compensation letter sent by the FGDR

The correspondence sent by the FGDR consists of a compensation letter and an information notice. Each letter contains a summary of your compensation, a statement of the accounts covered and a cheque or bank transfer notice.

Source : FGDR


This is the financial participation of the organizations that adhere to the missions of the FGDR under the guarantee mechanisms and systems.


Source:  FGDR

Corporate form

The corporate form can be identified as a type of company. For example, this notion includes limited company (SA), simplified joint-stock company (SAS), single member simplified limited company (SASU), limited liability company (SARL), one-person limited liability company (EURL), etc.

Source : FGDR

court-ordered liquidation

Legal proceedings that allow the sale of assets and the settlement of liabilities of a merchant, company or tradesperson that is in suspension of payments, in order to pay its creditors.

Source: Larousse

Credit card

Card that allows its holder to pay for purchases and/or make withdrawals by means of credit previously and contractually defined with a credit institution. A credit card is linked to a revolving line of credit. Withdrawals and payment transactions are not debited from the account but are charged against the revolving credit amount.

Source: Banque de France

Credit institution

Credit institutions include several types of institutions, particularly banks, as well as specialised credit institutions, which are mainly authorised to issue loans. Also called banks or banking institutions.

Source: Banque de France


Person to whom a sum of money is owed. Also called recipient.

Source : Banque de France


Virtual currency used for peer-to-peer exchanges of goods or services, generally independently of the banking system or any monetary policy, and which is issued and transacted based on blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency is not covered by the FGDR.

Source : AMF and FGDR


A currency is the monetary unit of a country or an economic area.

Source : AMF

Custody account-keeping

Activity that entails registering financial instruments in their holder's name, i.e. recognising the holder's rights to said financial instruments, and providing custody of the related assets under conditions specific to each financial instrument.

Source : Banque de France


Private individual i or legal entity (eligible or non-eligible for the FGDR’s guarantee schemes) that holds one or more accounts at an FGDR Member Institution.

Source : FGDR

Customer account statement

Operation by which the bank determines an account's position on a given date. When the account is closed, this is referred to as a final account statement.

Source : Les clés de la banque

Customers insufficiently identified

When the customer's contact information is insufficient or the bank has lost track of the customer, the FGDR's compensation letter is returned as “undeliverable”. The FGDR then attempts to contact the depositor using the means at its disposal based on the file sent by the institution. Compensation i is suspended until the holder can be identified or located.

Source : FGDR