The integrated compensation and communication system

The integrated compensation and communication system

The regulation requires that:

- All credit institutions operating in France and members of the deposit guarantee scheme, regardless of their size or their activities, at the time of a failure:

- Determine their customers' positions, on the date and at the time on which the ACPR declares the unavailability of their deposits;

- To send to the FGDR all information required on their customers and their deposits, within 2 days as from the date that unavailability is declared;

- The FGDR, within 7 working days, must provide compensatable deposits to each of their customers;

- The FGDR and credit institutions conduct tests at regular intervals, called "regular controls" the aim of which is to verify the proper operation of the scheme. 


For this purpose, at the end of 2012, the FGDR launched an extensive project, initialled called "20-Day Project" When the new 2014 standards reduced the compensation period, its name was changed to "7-Day Project".