10 - Under what circumstances does the investor compensation scheme become effective?

The FGDR's investor compensation scheme becomes effective when the ACPR determines that the service provider is no longer able to return to its customers the securities and other financial instruments and associated cash entrusted to it.


This implies that two conditions are met simultaneously:

  • the securities have disappeared from your accounts;
  • the institution at which your account is held is in suspension of payments and cannot return or reimburse the securities.


In this case, the investor compensation scheme pays compensation based on the value of the financial instruments and cash that are no longer available to the customer.

  • included in the amounts covered by the deposit guarantee scheme up to €100,000, if your securities account is held by a bank;
  • up to €70,000 if your securities, and therefore the associated cash account, are managed by an investment firm.


The investor compensation scheme does not cover possible changes in the market value of the securities or commercial disputes between the customer and the service provider (for example, relating to management of the portfolio).


→ To learn more, refer to the "Investor Compensation Scheme" section.