Your Bank, the FGDR and you

Your bank, the FGDR and you (7 min.)

The aim of this online course is to introduce you to the annual FGDR information sheet sent by your bank and answer any questions you may have about it.

Know your guarantees

Know your guarantees (14 min.)

Module 1-A Know your guarantees
The aim is to familiarise you with the three guarantees historically offered by the FGDR.

The Deposit Garantee scheme

Deposit Guarantee : Interactive quiz (5 min.)

The aim is to show you the extent of the FGDR deposit guarantee i that you benefit from on your assets. This module takes the form of an interactive questionnaire. It enables you to calculate your compensation from the FGDR.

Neobanks and deposit guarantee

Neobanks and deposit guarantees (9 min.)

Module n°1-B Neobanks and deposit guarantee
The aim is to help you understand your deposit guarantee protection with new players and new digital brands: neobanks, fintechs and other internet payment services and cards that have developed in recent years.

Is your bank protected by the FGDR?

Find out if your establishment is protected by the FGDR.

Who protects my bank deposits?

Find out how your bank deposits are protected.

Who are the people covered by the FGDR Deposit Guarantee?

Discover what is covered by the FGDR deposit guarantee.

The Deposit Guarantee compensation procedure.

Discover the 4 stages of FGDR compensation.

The guarantee for surety commitments: how does it work?

Find out more about the guarantee mechanism for surety commitments