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The Fonds de Garantie des Dépôts et de Résolution (FGDR) has a mission to serve the public interest: it is the crisis operator for the banking and financial sector. It protects customers’ assets and compensates them if their institution fails:               FGDR 2023 activity report

 For the FGDR, a crisis management operator supporting responsible finance, sustainability, entrenched in its DNA, reveals its committment to promote the stability and resilience of the banking and financial sector, as well as its own resilience: Refer to Document Annual report 2021

The FGDR is warning the public scammers who are contacting individuals and companies by email using its name: Refer to Document database-News-Press-Press Release of 13 October 2021.

In May 2024, the FGDR hosts the Annual General Meeting and International Conferences (AGM) of the European Forum of Deposit Insurers (EFDI) from May 28 to June 1. Please click here to visit our dedicated page.


Created by law, the FGDR's mission is to protect customers of banking and financial institutions operating in France. 
The FGDR manages three mechanisms: the deposit guarantee scheme, the investor compensation scheme and the performance bonds guarantee scheme. It intervenes in the event that an institution fails, on a preventative basis or by paying compensation to customers. 
“Banking crisis operator in support of responsible finance”, 

FGDR: your money is protected.

What is the FGDR?

If your bank fails...

7 jours

ouvrables seulement pour bénéficier de votre indemnisation à partir du jour où vos comptes sont devenus indisponibles.

100 000 €

par client et par établissement pour le total de vos comptes courants, livrets et plans d’épargne.

100 000 €

par client et par établissement pour le total de vos livrets d’épargne centralisés : Livret A, LDDS et LEP.

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