Who protects my bank deposits? 

The FGDR protects your bank accounts and savings plans and books (livrets) and enables you to recover them if your bank goes bankrupt.

My deposits? 

These are sums deposited in your: 

Current accounts
Savings plans (Plan d’Epargne Logement - PEL, Compte d’Epargne Logement - CEL)
Livrets Jeune savings account
Term deposit accounts
And sums deposited in regulated savings books guaranteed by the French government: 

Livret A
If your bank is in difficulty, the FGDR may be called to intervene.

And if bankruptcy cannot be avoided, the FGDR compensates customers within 7 business days within the limit of €100 K per client and per bank for their accounts and savings books and up to €100 K per client and per bank for the Livrets A, LDDS and LEP savings books. 

FGDR, your money is protected