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Tenants-in-common account : [28]

Multiple owners account in the name of several persons. The consent and signature of all co-holders are needed to complete transactions on the account (no individual holder is entitled to claim full payment of the funds).


Source: Banque de France

Term account : [29]

Deposit account in which the funds are blocked for a certain time period in return for an interest rate stipulated when the account is opened. The interest paid is subject to tax and social security charges. Also called fixed-term deposit.


Source: Banque de France

Term deposit : [30]

As opposed to an interest-bearing Demand deposit [31] in a contractual amount with a specified term and interest rate.

The cash funds are therefore blocked until the end of a given term. Generally speaking, the return of the blocked funds may not be requested before the end of the term specified in the contract signed between the customer and the bank (without penalties).

In return for the funds being blocked, the customer receives an interest rate similar to that of the money market rate.


Source: FBF

Transferable Security : [32]

Security issued by public or private legal entities (for example, a company, SICAV, central and local governments) which provides access, directly or indirectly, to a portion of the issuer's capital or to a right to claim.

The shares, bonds, and units of mutual funds are, examples of transferable securities. The term "transferable security" has been replaced by financial instrument in the Monetary and Financial Code.


Source: Banque de France

Type ‘A’ savings account (Livret A) : [33]

Regulated savings account that can be opened by any individual and by certain associations.

The funds deposited are available at any time. A type ‘A’ account has an unlimited term. However, it may be closed at any time by the account holder. Only one type ‘A’ account may be opened per person (including minors). The interest paid on a type ‘A’ account is tax-exempt.

The maximum amount that can be deposited by an individual into a type ‘A’ account is €22,950.


Source: Banque de France