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Savings account (or Passbook Account) : [28]

Savings product that does not have a regulated interest rate or a maximum deposit amount. The funds deposited into this type of account are available at any time. The account has an unlimited term and may be closed at any time by the account holder. The interest paid on this type of account is subject to tax and social security charges.


Source: Banque de France

Savings passbook account : [29]

Type of interest-bearing deposit account [30] that has financial and tax advantages. Interest is calculated biweekly. See Savings account [31].


Source: FBF

Security : [32]

General term that refers to stocks and bonds, among other things. In the context of banking, it refers to a transferable security.


Source: FBF

SICAV : [33]
Stock : [35]

Financial instrument which is a certificate of ownership of a share of the capital of a limited company (listed or not listed on a stock exchange) which confers rights on its holder, the shareholder. The value of a share fluctuates upwards or downwards.


Source : Banque de France

Subrogation : [36]

Substitution of one person (personal subrogation) or one thing (real subrogation) for another in a legal relationship.


Source: Larousse

Suspension of payments : [37]

Suspension of payments occurs when the debtor is no longer able to pay its current debt with its available assets; also called default. 

This event is more significant than a simple payment default. Under French law, suspension of payments is a condition for initiating judicial receivership and liquidation proceedings.

Source: FGDR