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Market value (or Fair value) : [28]

Price at which an asset can be sold if an active open trading market exists.


Source: FBF

Multiple owners account : [29]

Account opened in the name of several people. In a multiple owners account, the co-holders complete transactions on the account together. In a joint account, each co-holder can complete transactions on his/her own. 


Source: Banque de France

Mutual funds (FCP) : [30]

UCITS [31] that issues units but which, unlike a company – such as a SICAV [32] (open-end investment company) – does not have a legal personality. An investor who purchases units becomes a member of a co-ownership of financial instruments but has no voting rights. The investor is not a shareholder. An FCP is represented by a management company, which provides administrative, financial and accounting management.


Source: Banque de France