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Investment bank : [28]

Credit institution that carries out all or some financial market activities: origination, financial analysis, sales, execution and trading, investment, custody and other post-trade activities, merger-acquisition. This type of institution, closely monitored by various supervisory authorities (AMF, Comité des établissements de crédit et des entreprises d’investissement and Commission Bancaire), may have the status of a bank (credit institution) or investment firm.

An investment bank does not receive funds from the public, but finances itself by borrowing from commercial banks.


Source: FBF

Investment firm : [29]

Generic term that encompasses legal entities that provide investment services as defined in Article L. 321-1 of the Monetary and Financial Code.


Source: Banque de France

Investment services : [30]

Services and activities relating to financial instruments. Investment services include the following services and activities:

- reception and transmission of orders on behalf of third parties

- execution of orders on behalf of third parties

- proprietary trading

- portfolio management on behalf of third parties

- investment advice

- underwriting

- guaranteed investment

- non-guaranteed investment

- operation of a multilateral trading facility

See also Investment Services Provider [31].


Source: Banque Info

Investment services provider : [32]

Investment firm or credit institution that has received authorisation to provide investment services.

ISPs provide investment services as their usual activity, including in particular the reception and transmission of orders on behalf of third parties, the execution of orders on behalf of third parties and proprietary trading.

See also investment services [31].


Source: FGDR

Investor compensation : [33]

The mechanism that compensates investors, in an amount up to €70,000 per person, per institution, for securities (stocks, bonds, units of UCITS) and other financial instruments which their investment services provider is unable to return to them in case of bankruptcy, and for the associated cash.


See Investor compensation in the "FGDR guarantees [34]" section


Source: FGDR

Investor compensation scheme : [35]