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Damage : [28]

Loss, destruction, bodily injury, loss of revenue. Damage may be physical (deterioration, destruction or theft of property), bodily (physical integrity of an individual) or consequential (financial harm, loss of use of property, etc.). 


Source: Banque de France

Debit card : [29]

Card issued by a bank or payment institution which enables its holder to make payments at stores or on-line as well as cash withdrawals at automatic teller machines. A debit card can be national or international.

There are several types of debit cards: immediate debit card, automatic authorisation debit card (CPAS) and deferred debit card. 


Source: Banque de France

Demand account : [30]

Ordinary deposit account used to manage cash assets. A card and cheque book are generally linked to this type of account. All rules relating to fees and operation of a demand account are described in an account agreement available from the customer's banking facility. 


Source: FBF

Demand deposit : [31]

Deposit to a non-interest-bearing demand account (e.g. checking account).


Source: FBF

Deposit : [32]

Funds or securities entrusted to a bank to be held and returned under specific terms and conditions.


Source: Banque Info

Deposit account : [33]

Account used to manage money on a daily basis. A customer's bank card and/or cheque book are generally linked to this type of account. The account must have a credit balance, unless the bank agrees otherwise. Also called bank account, checking account or demand account. The term "current account" is also used, but incorrectly.


Source: Banque de France

Deposit guarantee scheme : [34]

The mechanism that compensates depositors within 7 days, in an amount up to €100,000 per person, per institution, if the institution where their assets are held is no longer able to meet its commitments.


See "Deposit Guarantee" on this site [35].


Source: FGDR

Depositor : [36]

Legal entity [37] or natural person [38] customer of a bank or a credit institution who deposits money into a deposit or passbook savings account.


Source: FGDR