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Cash account : [28]

Account associated with a securities account which is used for all cash movements relating to the financial instruments.


Source: FGDR

CECEI : [29]
CEL : [31]
Comité des Etablissements de Crédit et des Entreprises d'investissement (CECEI) : [33]
Compensation : [34]

Indemnification paid to a person for the prejudice (damage) sustained by him/her.


Source: Banque de France

Compte d’Epargne Logement (CEL) : [35]

Regulated savings [36] product that allows the holder to obtain a loan, at the end of a minimum savings period, to finance expenses related to purchasing a primary residence or, under certain conditions, homes which have another purpose.

The amount of the home savings loan is based on the savings amount and term. The interest rate of the loan is set by the public authorities. The money earned on a CEL consists of an interest rate and a government premium, which is paid only if a loan is granted.

The funds deposited into a CEL are available at any time. 


Source: Banque de France

Compte titres : [37]

Account in which the financial instruments (stocks [38], bonds [39], UCITS [40], etc.) held by the account holder are registered.

Cash movements are not recorded in the securities account; these movements (debits for the purchase of securities, credits for the sale of securities, dividend payments, etc.) are recorded in the holder's cash account . 


Source: Banque de France

Court-ordered liquidation : [41]

Legal proceedings that allow the sale of assets and the settlement of liabilities of a merchant, company or craftsman who is in suspension of payments, in order to pay its creditors.


Source: Larousse

Court-ordered liquidator : [42]

Trustee appointed by the court in proceedings involving the court-supervised reorganisation or liquidation of a company


Source: Larousse

Coverage level : [43]

Maximum compensation sum that may be received.


Source: FGDR

Credit card : [44]

Card that allows its holder to pay for purchases and/or make withdrawals by means of credit previously and contractually defined with a credit institution [45]. A credit card is linked to a revolving line of credit. Withdrawals and payment transactions are not debited from the account but are charged against the revolving credit amount.


Source: Banque de France

Credit institution : [46]

These include several types of institutions, particularly banks, as well as specialised credit institutions, which are mainly authorised to issue loans. Also called banks or banking institutions.


Source: Banque de France

Creditor : [47]

Person to whom a sum of money is owed. Also called "recipient".


Source: Banque de France

Custody account-keeping : [48]

Activity that entails registering financial instruments [49] in their holder's name, i.e. recognising the holder's rights to said financial instruments, and providing custody of the related assets under conditions specific to each financial instrument.


Source: Banque de France