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The FGDR answers your questions about the guarantees and the compensation procedure.


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As a general rule, the deposit guarantee applies to all institutions that are members of the FGDR, including those operating as on-line banks. Banks i... Read more
As for any company a bank fails when it defaults on its payments. In other words, a bank failure occurs when the bank is no longer able to pay its d... Read more
1°) As a general rule the deposit guarantee scheme covers all amounts deposited in accounts at a bank regardless of the currency in which the accounts are denominated, including current accounts, demand or term accounts, savings passbook accounts (savings accounts, Livret Jeune... Read more
In France and throughout the European Union, the amount of the compensation under the deposit guarantee scheme is capped at €100,000 per customer, ... Read more
The protection provided for your accounts by the Deposit Guarantee Scheme in the event of your bank's failure has existed since the FGDR's creation i... Read more
You have temporary extraordinary deposits, i.e. amounts that were received less than three months prior to the failure and come from: 1.   the sale of residential property belonging to you; 2.   a lump-sum payment of compensation for harm sustained by you; 3... Read more
1°) A joint account is divided equally among its co-holders prior to calculation of the compensation accruing to each of them, unless otherwise spe... Read more
There are two types of savings accounts:   1) Livret type ‘A’ savings accounts (Livret Bleu savings accounts in the Crédit Mutuel network), Livr... Read more
STEP 1: INITIATION OF THE COMPENSATION PROCEDURE The procedure is initiated by the Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution (ACPR) as soon as it determines that the bank in question is no longer able to return its customers' holdings. The ACPR then contacts the... Read more
The FGDR currently has reserves of slightly more than €3 billion in equity that will be increased to approximately €5 billion by the end of 202... Read more
1/You do not need to take any action that involves your bank or the FGDR. On the "deposit availability date", the institution is declared as having fa... Read more
Banks are now required to send their customers this sheet each year to inform them about the protection provided for their savings and other bank acco... Read more
1/ If a foreign bank, regardless of its country of origin, operates in France in the form of a subsidiary, i.e. a company legally separate from its s... Read more
The FGDR's investor compensation scheme becomes effective when the ACPR determines that the service provider is no longer able to return to its customers the securities and other financial instruments and associated cash entrusted to it.   This implies that two conditions are met... Read more
In France, the compensation amount offered by the investor compensation scheme may be as much as €70,000 x 2 per customer, per investment services ... Read more
The FGDR, created by the law of 25 June 1999 to serve the public interest, protects customers in the event that their bank or financial institution f... Read more
As a general rule, any credit institution or investment firm that receives authorisation from the Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution (French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority - ACPR) is a member of the Fonds de Garantie des Dépôts et de Résolution (... Read more